Querverschubg Lennetalbrücke
Transversal skidding of highway bridge near Hagen, Germany

Lennetal Bridge Skidding Project

The Lennetal Bridge, a massive structure spanning almost 1 kilometre (984.5 metres) and supported on 15 axes, required a complex relocation after the demolition of the original bridge.

This project involved transversal skidding the bridge into its final position with exceptional precision and minimal impact on the structure.


Pulling equipment

A powerful combination of 13 H-200 and 2 H-400 strand jacks on the pulling side, complemented by 6 H-200 strand jacks on the opposite side, ensured controlled and efficient movement.

Skid shoes

Specially designed skid shoes with a capacity of up to 2,300 tonnes per pair (2 per axis) provided critical support for the bridge’s 15 axis and its considerable weight of 30,000 tonnes. These skidding shoes played a vital role in ensuring the stability and safety of the bridge during the transversal skidding process.


The project achieved an impressive accuracy of +/- 10 millimetres for each axis, a testament to the team’s meticulous planning and execution.

Bearing preservation

The innovative skid shoe design allowed for both longitudinal and lateral movement of the bearings, eliminating the need for additional stress or modification during the skidding process. This approach ensured the integrity of the bridge bearings throughout the operation.

Project Timeline

The project started with a signed contract in 2014 and was successfully completed in 2021. This extended timeline highlights the extensive planning, engineering and execution involved in such a large and complex operation.

Querverschub Lennetalbrücke A45 am Tag
Querverschub Lennetalbrücke A45 Verschub
Querverschub Lennetalbrücke A45 bei Nacht

Facts & Downloads


Length of bridge 984,5 m
Weight of bridge 30'000 to
Lateral skidding distance 19,15 m
Accuracy per axis +/- 10mm

Equipment used

Strand Jacks H-400 3
Stramd Jacks H-200 18
Hydraulic Pumps PA-4-8 21
Hydraulic jacks for load transfer ESP-500-75 18
Hydraulic jacks for load transfer ESP-768 6
Hydraulic pumps for load transfer PA-4-4 3
Strand Guidings 21
Strand Jack Supports 21
Strandwires 12 km
CSS Container incl. computer constrol system with 2 desktop monitor panels 15 Laser distance measuring devices

Lennetall Bridge Interview
Querverschub Lennetalbrücke 45
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