Early discussion and brainstorming are key to solving unique or challenging heavy-lift projects.


Tailor-made solutions

When confronted with unconventional or complex heavy lifting tasks, for which there is no “off-the-shelf” heavy-lift equipment available,  early consultation and combined conceptualization are key. Some projects simply require a bespoke heavy-lift solution for which the equipment does not yet exist, or is unavailable or to costly.

Hebetec possesses extensive experience in assisting our clients with unique design and engineering solutions. We can design, deliver, and operate your required solution. You can choose whether this is on a rental to the project basis or a transfer of ownership to you. In the latter case, we can also train your people in using the solution safely and effectively.

Scope of the services provided

Initial concept and methodology

Out of the ordinary projects pose out of the ordinary challenges. If this is the case with one of your projects, we can provide the technical expertise to organize discussions to form an initial concept and methodology for your heavy lift needs, in 3D. Our people, like most, enjoy a challenge and they can leverage their experience and know-how and the understanding of our capabilities and equipment to devise a safe, workable, cost effective solution.

Detailed design & Third Party checks

Once the concept, cinematic and methodology,  including the safety and workability requirements are agreed upon, our team will set to work on the detailed design, so that it can be calculated and vetted. An important part of this, is alignment with your project time schedule, to ensure feasibility. Each new bespoke solution will have to be inspected by a Third Party. We have the network to do this through acknowledged experts so that the safety and workability of the solution can be assessed and vetted. After this , the shop-drawings will be prepared so that fabrication can start.


Our network of specialists in different fields consists of steel manufacturing and engineering, hydraulics, steering and others. We have longstanding relationships with these partners. This ensures reliable delivery of all required components.

Delivery, assembly and testing

We will ensure that the heavy-lift solution is delivered and assembled under our supervision before use. We will follow the Factory and Site acceptance tests, whether assembly and testing is done at our facility, the manufacturers’ or directly on site. If part of the agreement, we will also provide the manuals and spare-parts list etc.


Once the above steps have been completed, your bespoke heavy-lift solution is ready for use. We can provide specialist operators to execute the heavy-lift works, or we can provide training to your people so that they can do the works safely and effectively. We can also provide a hybrid form and we are more than open to talk about maintenance plans and future training needs.

From nuclear decommissioning to offshore loadout, moving bridges and more, visit our «References page».
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