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When you require more than just rental services.

Project services

Project Services

When you require more than just rental equipment, we can provide you with a full heavy-lift service. This includes the engineering of your heavy-lift solution, equipment selection, delivery to site and execution by our supervisors under the leadership of one of our project managers. Even when you have already designed your methodology, we can support you in selecting the right equipment and people.

Services Included:

Solution engineering and design or verification

Depending on your need and on the status of your project progress, we can assist you in designing the required heavy-lift solution or simply move on to the next step and support you with equipment selection. Even if you just want verification of your selected methodology and equipment, we can be of assistance. We have experience in combining equipment and service types as well as designing and manufacturing new equipment and steel support systems.

Equipment selection and delivery

When you have decided on your heavy-lift methodology, we can provide you with the right options of equipment selection and support you in the decision making process. Once the equipment is selected, and if you prefer us to handle the transport to site, we will gladly do so. We have experience in dispatching our equipment worldwide and we have an international freight forwarder that supports us with all transport requirements.

Supervision and Operations

Once the equipment is delivered on site, it will have to be offloaded and installed and possibly tested. Our supervisors know our equipment inside out and will ensure that it is prepared fo the task at hand to ensure an efficient and safe execution of the heavy-lift operations. Our supervisors are able to lead a combined team of your local workers and our people.

Project Management

To ensure the project and all its phases are executed safely and within the agreed time-frame, our Project Managers form the link between our head-office, our team on site, the project and you. They will take care of all required transportation, local visa and travel, engineering documents and quality documentation needed for the project. They are the first point of contact.

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