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«Decommissioning of a nuclear power plant Mühleberg in Switzerland.»
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Mühleberg Power Plant Decommissioning

Due to the stators’ weight exceeding the building crane’s capacity at the Mühleberg nuclear power plant undergoing decommissioning in Switzerland, Hebetec was brought in to design and implement a safe and efficient solution for their removal.

Mühleberg nuclear power plant
KKM Generator
KKM Generator
KKM Generator

Removing Stators from a Confined Space

In controlled areas, limited options exist for using heavy lifting equipment. The building crane, unfortunately, lacked the capacity to handle the stators. Therefore, a solution was needed to lift, move, and lower them to ground level (0.00m).

A Tailored Lifting Solution

We employed a temporary lifting and shifting structure specifically designed for this project. Our modular system, built from individual components, allows us to adapt to unique situations. This flexibility enables us to access areas inaccessible to conventional equipment and precisely tailor the lifting capacity with our various strand jacks.

Additionally, the hydraulic design facilitates precise movement in all directions, crucial for lifting the stators from their position, maneuvering them, and lowering them through the designated opening. For optimal control, the entire operation was centralized on a platform positioned directly above the stator.

Project Timeline

The stators were successfully removed from the building as planned. The compact design of the lifting frame minimized disruption to ongoing work within the facility. Following the stator removal, the temporary structure was swiftly dismantled within a few weeks, ensuring minimal impact on the overall dismantling schedule.


*Photo: Keystone / Peter Klaunzer, courtesy of BKW

Facts & Downloads


Year of execution: 2021/2022
Weight Stators: 2 x 150t
Lifting 2m
Moving distance: 52m
Lowering: 10m

Equipment used

Strand jacks H-140 2
Strand jacks H-40 12
Hydraulic power pack incl. control and hosing 2
Shifting beams 160m
Steel construction 240t

Mühleberg nuclear power plant
KKM Generator
KKM Generator