hebetec engineering LTD

Steam Generator Exchange NPP Krško, Slovenia


Two steam generators with a weight of 343 t each were replaced in the NPP Krško, Slovenia.

Included within the Hebetec scope was the concept of the rigging works, the engineering of the lifting frame and the MegaSteel structures on site.

Inside its containment the steam generator was lifted up with a HA-400 lifting and lowering unit and at the same time turned for 180° over its vertical axis.

Afterwards the generator was tilted onto the sliding beams and launched to the outside through the equipment hatch.

With the support of the outer structure the steam generator was lowered by approx. 15m to the ground by means of 4 HA-140 lowering units.

The exchange (without preparation work) took place within 10 days working in double shifts. Job Report


Weight steam generator 343 to
Number of steam generators 3 pcs

Handling equipment

Strand jacks H-40 12 pcs
Strand jacks H-400 1 pcs
Strand jacks HA-140 4 pcs
MegaSteel 120 to