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Hebetec Engineering Ltd attaches great importance to the fact that the equipment used at the construction site is in mint condition. The quality of the equipment is continuously improved. New device components are developed by our construction division. 


Synchronized lifting


"HSLS" - Hebetec Synchronized Lifting System

With the digital control system of the new Hebetec Synchronized Lifting Systems «HSLS» objects can be moved precise within user defined parameters. «HSLS» the solution for hydraulic applications where critical load distribution requires the synchronisation of the cylinders. «HSLS» Control System allows lifting and positioning of any heavy load... more


Heavy lifting


Strand jacks

The lifting strand jack consists mainly of a centre hole jack, an upper and lower anchorage and a jack chair. The centre hole jacks are especially fabricated for this purpose. The development results from close co-operation with well known hydraulic component manufacturers. The upper anchorage is attached with an adapter to the centre hole jack and is moving up and down... more


Sliding / Launching


APS-Module - Skidway - PPU

The modules can be used on any air-tight and sufficiently resistant surface. Normally skidways, especially developed for this purpose are used. Depending on the quality of the subsurface (bearing capacity), the skidway type heavy or light is used. Both types have a guide board. The board serves guidance and is also used for additional clamping of the PPU. more




Columns and Towers

Very tall columns are by their very nature liable to buckle when subjected to vertical compression, and will do so even more quickly if their column load is off-centre due to deviations from straightness, vertical alignment and the effects of horizontal loads (including the effects of the wind on a moving load). Temporary columns must withstand such strains... more




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