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Hebetec Engineering Ltd

Hebetec brings together an unrivalled set of skills in the specialised heavy lifting sector.
It implements solutions with high added value in the following major fields:  industry, on-/off-shore, construction and nuclear.

With its large equipment pool consisting a wide number of high-quality jacks and hydraulic pumps, Hebetec is involved in numerous major projects on five continents, making it to one of the leaders in its specialised areas of: lifting and moving of heavy loads; load out of ships and platforms; rental of temporary steel structures and engineering.
The lifting and lowering of heavy loads is a responsible assignment. Hebetec consequently makes every effort to keep the equipment in mint condition and to constantly improve its quality. The quality of the equipment as well as obeying the rules of security in dealing with heavy loads are two chief points in the heavy lifting business. more



HTE Partner for Nuclear Decommissioning

Hebetec Engineering AG offers solutions for the safe and efficient decommissioning of
Nuclear power plants.

The minimisation of the collective dose rate is of paramount importance to our professional
and proper dismantling always in the foreground.

Experienced engineers advise, work out proposals for solutions, plan and accompany our
customers' projects until their successful completion.

Hebetec Engineering AG takes over the overall planning and the coordination of the
specialized partners for individual works.

Through detailed planning as well as close and timely coordination we
minimize delays and security risks. more



Hebetec système de levage synchronisé

Grâce à son dispositif de contrôle digital, le nouveau système de levage synchronisé «HSLS» de Hebetec permet de déplacer des charges dans le respect strict des tolérances et paramètres que fixe l'utilisateur.

«HSLS» La Solution pour les manutentions sur vérins hydrauliques lorsque la répartition des charges exige une parfaite synchronisation des vérins. Avec le système de levage synchronisé «HSLS» 
il est possible de lever et de déplacer des charges lourdes de toutes sortes telles que des ponts ou des bâtiments en mode automatique et avec une grande précision.

Le pilotage par Soft Motion Control du «HSLS» permet une maîtrise précise et en continu quel que soit le déplacement considéré. Cette technique permet de déplacer d'importantes charges sans générer de contraintes. Le contrôle digital PLC dernière génération garantit le respect des exigences fixées par l'utilisateur. plus



Hebetec Pushing System

The HPS was developed as a compact and modular displacement solution. For individual use, the Hebetec sliding system can be flexibly adapted to the requirements.

By its versatility and simple modular expandability, the HPS can be used for moving objects in a 
wide load range.

Special sliding shoes equipped with Teflon inserts reduce the sliding friction on steel girders or on 
sliding tracks provided by the customer. Each lifting cylinder is equipped with a spherical cap, which compensates for angular deviations on the object to be lifted.

The HPS-320 is available in two sizes. HPS-320-300 was designed for 290-310 mm wide steel
beams / tracks, while the HPS-320-600 is used for steel beams / tracks from 590-610 mm width.


Hebetec Mega-Tube

Mega-Tube is a modular system for temporary steel support structures. 

The heavy-duty profiles and accessories can be supported in a simple way and assemble towers 
of great height.

Due to modular layout, the Hebetec Mega-Tube system finds an enormous versatile utilisation.


Fields of application:

  •     Structural engineering and tunnelling

  •     Special civil engineering

  •     Special formwork construction etc.