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April 2018


New Office Building at Herzogenaurach, Germany

The office building accommodates with its 50’000m2 area modern workplaces for about 2000 employees. Well about 2m above ground, the 12’500t weighing steel structure was set up on 233 Hebetec «MegaTube» columns, on an area measuring about two soccer fields.. plus


November 2017


The digital control of the new Hebetec Synchronized Lifting System "HSLS" allows precise movement of objects within user defined parameters."HSLS" is the solution for hydraulic applications with critical load distribution requiring a synchronisation of the cylinders. plus


June 2017


The Bosphorus separates the European and the Asian continent. As part of the new Northern Marmara Motorway' highway, the third bridge over the Bosphorus is realized. The world's widest bridge as combined cable-stayed suspension bridge was built by order of the Turkish government during the years 2013-2016. plus


March 2014


In collaboration with Freyssinet Canada, Hebetec moved and lowered the StrandherdArmstrong Bridge into position over the Rideau River. The launching of the approximately 2500 ton bridge was carried out using 6 type H-70 strand jacks over a previously mounted steel shoring. The subsequent lowering, from a height of about 5m, was accomplished using... plus


June 2013


The insertion of the second structure, a railroad bridge weighing 300 tonnes with a length of 80 meters above the motorway in St.Margrethen, was a much more complex operation. This bridge was first displaced longitudinally by 70 meters after its construction, then moved 20 meters laterally, lowered by 3.5 meters and finally tilted through 80 cm on one side in the longitudinal direction. plus


November 2012


“Don’t be afraid of heavy lumps” was the theme of this year’s Schwerlasttagung, the conference for the heavy lifting industry that is held in Potsdam every two years. A wide range of manufacturers and leasing companies swapped experiences gained in the course of their activities in the heavy lifting technology sector. plus


April 2012


The offshore- product plant in the biggest gas resource in the history of Australia is currently being extended in the Northwest of Australia. For this purpose a platform, weighing 32'000 tons, was built in South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Industries company. In November 2011, the platform was shifted with high precision over 200 meters, with 208 pieces of APS-250 modules with a total... plus 


September 2011


Hebetec received a contract for the movement of six freight ships from Tsuji. After construction is done, the ships of 8'600 tons each will be shifted, first crosswise, then lengthwise, on skidways in the dockyard over a distance of 500 meters onto a pontoon. To execute the contract, 32 APS-385 modules with push-pull units will be employed. plus


November 2010


The Hebetec H-140 strandjacks were put to use in the construction of a coal-fired power station in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Sixteen of these types of system have a total capacity of 2,240 tonnes. That is strong enough to lift a boiler support grid 120 metres off the ground. plus