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"HSLS" - Hebetec Synchronized Lifting System



With the digital control system of the new Hebetec Synchronized Lifting Systems «HSLS» objects can be moved precise within user 
defined parameters.

«HSLS» the solution for hydraulic applications where critical load distribution requires the synchronisation of the cylinders.

«HSLS» Control System allows lifting and positioning of any heavy load, like bridges and buildings, automatically and with a high 
degree of accuracy.

The Soft Motion Control of the «HSLS» facilitates the control of finest and continuous positioning and movement. With this 
technique large objects can by lifted and positioned to a great extend free of stresses.

The up-to-date PLC control system 
ensures adherence to the parameters defined by the user. At moving of large structures costly stress oriented damages can
be avoided by the application of the Hebetec Synchronized Lifting System.

More over the up-scaling of the system to several hundred, synchronous controlled load points guaranties successful 
execution of projects under adverse conditions.


Key features:


  • Option to control several hundred load points by applying 15“ touch screen main control desks each controlling up to 5 hydraulic aggregates

  • True synchronous system with 14 autonomous pumping circuits

  • Cylinder controlling by manual operation, stroke controlling with optional pressure monitoring or pressure controlling with stroke monitoring

  • Pre selection for synchronous lifting and/or simultaneous arrival at various stroke levels


  • Accurate setting of load and stroke tolerances between 1- 100% of the defined set point

  • Return line for the application of double acting cylinders

  • All options available at the use of cylinders with various piston areas

  • Clear arranged graphic display at touch screen of, local and main control desk