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The HTE - Strand - System has been developed from different post-tensioning systems and has continuously evolved over the years.
Its basic components are:


Strand jacks


The lifting strand jack consists mainly of a centre hole jack, an upper and lower anchorage and a jack chair.
The centre hole jacks are especially fabricated for this purpose. The development results from close co-operation with well known hydraulic component manufacturers.The upper anchorage is attached with an adapter to the centre hole jack and is moving up and down with the piston. The lower anchorage is attached on the base plate within the jack chair. The lifting jack connected to the top of the chair which is bolted to the base plate. This plate is the interface between lifting unit and structure.


Tensile element

High tensile prestressing strands of nominal diameter 0.6" and an area of 140mm2 is used to form the tensile element.
The advantage strands is that their specific carrying capacity is exceptionally high and they can be cut to any length. The number of strands per cable will be varied to suit the load to be moved and the number of lifting jack to be used.
The same strands can be reused several times for lifting, lowering or horizontal jacking works.



The anchorages originate from elements of different post tensioning systems and are adjusted to the requirements of the lifting technique. The anchorages are safety relevant for the HTE - strand jack - system. We distinguish between end-anchorages and pull-anchorages: The pull-anchorages are components of the lifting strand jack. The end-anchorages are used for the load pick-up.

The end-anchorage can be applied directly at the load or within a connecting piece being attached to the load.
Exclusively HTE-pull-grippers will be used at the pull-anchorage. Depending on application within the end-anchorage HTE-pull-grippers as well as consumable grippers can be used.The anchorheads and the wedges are under control of HTE quality control with co-operation of TÜV (Switzerland).


High-pressure hydraulic pumping unit

To generate the hydraulic oil pressure, different synchronic pumping units are used. Highest demands are set in synchronism, leakproofness and operational safety. The hydraulic pumping unit is not a safety relevant component of the lifting strand system, but is a decisive factor for the synchronism of lifting with several lifting units. Simple operation, high operating security, simple maintenance and compatibility were a focus at the development stage. The pumping units are constructed specifically for the use in lifting techniques and can be operated with different lifting units singularly or together with different control components. Hydraulic and electric safety stops prevent an overload.


Hydraulic components


Different hydraulic components (Pressure gauges, distributors, hydraulic high pressure hoses, check valves etc.) are applied as auxiliaries. The components are periodically checked for operational safety and leakproofness. Pressure visualisation instruments as pressure gauges, analogue pressure transducer and pressure switch are checked periodically and will be new calibrated as necessary.


Control components

Hebetec possess different control systems. With the simplest control desk up to the complex computer controlled station, with most different control and regulation functions the controlling can be put together modularly for each lifting job. Different systems for the pressure and distance monitoring can be used together or individually.


Possibilities of connections

With connection piece

Loads up to 600t per connection piece
Flexible in one axis
Fast change when different connecting points are used


With Endanchorage

Loads up to 600t per endanchorage, simple an space saving construction


Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic jacks are ideally suited for small lifting tasks and also can be combined with the MegaSteel system.

Application area:
Lifting of buildings, exchange of bridge bearings etc.

Types of jacks:
Safety nut jacks, single acting jacks, long stroke jacks, double acting jacks, special jacks



Hebetec owns different lifting accessories and special constructions to master all the requirements of each project.


Strand guidance

Strand guidances are used for lifting works with a higher lifting distance to guide the strands.



Strand carrousel

For coiling up the strands after or during the lifting.