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Temporary support Atlantic Bridge, Panama Canal


Because of the fact that the new locks of the Panama Canal will support the actual ship size “New Panamax” with extremely length, width and height dimensions (366m x 49m x 57,9m), a new bridge must be built in order to meet these ship sizes and to meet the increasing of the transit and local traffic in Panama.

Hebetec supplied the MegaSteel self-erecting tower system to support the formwork during concrete casting of the bridge segments. 

The loads are approximately 1'500to of concrete plus the dead load of the formwork structure of 120to and the tower dead load weight of 350to.

Because of the geographic location in Panama, the design driven load case was earthquake loads. The concrete mass of 1'500to on top of the tower was an extremely challenge for our designing engineers. Job Report


Total Bridge length 3'000 m
Cable stayed bridge 1'050 m
Span between pylons 530 m
Height of pylons 212.5 m
Clearance above canal 75 m
Traffic lines 4 pcs

Handling equipment

Mega-Tube self-erecting system 350 t
Strand jack H-70 12pcs