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Atlantic Bridge, Panama Canal


Because of the fact that the new locks of the Panama Canal will support the actual ship size “New Panamax” with extremely length, width and height dimensions (366m x 49m x 57,9m), a new bridge must be built in order to meet these ship sizes and to meet the increasing of the transit and local traffic in Panama. more


New Office Building at Herzogenaurach, Germany


The office building accommodates with its 50’000m2 area modern workplaces for about 2000 employees.

Well about 2m above ground, the 12’500t weighing steel structure was set up on 233 Hebetec «MegaTube» columns, on an area measuring about two soccer fields.

The impression of a floating building evolves by hoisting the structure another 12m. more


Credit River Bridge, Canada


For the essential renovation works on the bridge, which was built in 1935, a platform stretching over its whole length was built underneath it. Particular care had to be taken because nature conservation regulations prohibited any impairment of the river and shore area.
The 950 ton-heavy platform was built up element by element under the bridge to the assembly height and was gradually pushed forward over a distance of about 190 meters between the bridge piers. more


Bridge at Lancy, Switzerland


The lowering system for the railway bridge at Lancy (CEVA) was developed by Hebetec Engineering Ltd. and first time applied by Freyssinet.

The lowering / lifting system consisting of telescopic columns is laid out to execute the laborious piling works at ground level, which is a significant advantage for working safety.

The horizontal stability of the telescopic system is achieved by fixation to bridge pier. more


York Mills Bridge Toronto, Canada


The bridge bearings had to be replaced in the course of required maintenance works at York Mills Road Bridge.

Temporary MegaSteel braces built around the bridge piers took over the full bridge load, allowing to exchange the bearings under full traffic. more