hebetec engineering LTD

Tank roof-lifting, Antwerp, Belgium


In the port area of Antwerp, Hebetec received the order to lift the tank roof for a new 53,000 ton ammonia tank. In cooperation with the client, the roof was raised to the final height of 26m within one day.

The roof to be lifted was located in the already completed outer shell of the tank. Therefore, the big challenge was to lift the roof absolutely horizontally as only a few centimetres of tolerance were available to the side.

The total of 88 strand jacks were installed each 2.4m apart on the upper edge of the outer shell. Job Report


Roof diameter 66.6 m
Dome height 10.5 m
Roof weight 800 t
Lifting distance 25 m

Handling Equipment

Lifting jacks HA-10 88 pcs
Hydraulic pump
PA-4-8 II
6 pcs
PLC controll system 1 pcs
Control box (fail-safe) 3 pcs
Total steel strands 2'640 m