hebetec engineering LTD

Roof lifting, Arena 92 in Paris La Défense, France


The Arena 92 (U-Arena) is a modular built event centre, located at La Défense district in the centre of Paris. At Rugby configuration space for up to 30’000 spectators can be provided, at concert mode 40’000 spectators can be received, making this the largest indoor stadium in Europe.

After the inauguration by the Rolling Stones in October 2017, it will host the gymnastics events of the Olympic Games of Paris in 2024.

Hebetec realized the lifting of the 1’700 tons weighing and 7'000m2 meassuring steel roof assembled on the ground and raised in its final position some 40 meters higher. Job Report


Weight 1'700 to
Length 100 m
Width 70 m
Lifting Height 40 m

Handling equipment

Strand jack H-200 12 pcs
HPU PA-4-30 4 pcs
Lasers HMS-2000L 6 pcs