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Lifting a. lowering of power plant elements in Prunéřov, Czech Republic


The biggest coal-fired power plant in the Czech Republic located at Prunéřov with three power plant units and an output power of 1500 MW has been fully overhauled.

The components to be replaced were first lowered, after which the newly fabricated elements assembled on site were lifted into place.

The heaviest components did weigh 3000 tonnes and were lifted to a height of 70 meters.

The special challenge of this project was that the lifting and lowering of the boiler top casing and the heating surfaces required simultaneous application of four different types of strand jack. Job Report


Weight per element 3'000 to
Number of elements 3 pcs
Lifting height 70 m

Handling equipment

Strand jack HA-40 6 pcs
Strand jack HA-140 24 pcs
Strand jack HA-200 27 pcs
Strand jack HA-400 21 pcs