hebetec engineering LTD

Ashalim Solar Power Station, Israel 

Ashalim Solar Power Plant built by General Electrics in the Negev desert in Israel is, with the boiler installed at 250 meters height, the highest ever erected in the world.

Its 121 MW capacity, reached thanks 55'000 mirrors, makes it the largest in Israel and the 5th largest in the world. 

Hebetec Engineering Ltd not only carried out the lifting of more than 200 meters of the 2'300-tonne boiler but also the transfer on air cushion (APS) from the assembly zone to the inside of the concrete tower. Thus allowing the simultaneous construction of the two most important components of the system. Jobreport




Height of the boiler 48 m
Weight of the boiler 2'300 to
Skidding distance on APS 64 m
Lifting height 200 m

Handling equipment

Strandjacks H-200 20 pcs
APS-385 16 pcs