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Ashalim Solar Power Station, Israel 


Ashalim Solar Power Plant built by General Electrics in the Negev desert in Israel is, with the boiler installed at 250 meters height, the highest ever erected in the world.

Its 121 MW capacity, reached thanks 55'000 mirrors, makes it the largest in Israel and the 5th largest in the world. more


Installation of two generators and two transformers in Erbil, Iraq


For the conversion of the gas power plant, which is located 20 km from Erbil, into a combined-power plant, Hebetec Engineering was commissioned to shift and lift two generators and transformers.

As a result of the expansion to the combined-power plant, the existing capacity of 1’000 megawatts could be increased by 470 megawatts, while the fuel consumption remained unchanged. more


Steam Generator Exchange NPP Krško, Slovenia


Two steam generators with a weight of 343 t each were replaced in the NPP Krško, Slovenia.

Included within the Hebetec scope was the concept of the rigging works, the engineering of the lifting frame and the MegaSteel structures on site.

Inside its containment the steam generator was lifted up with a HA-400 lifting and lowering unit and at the same time turned for 180° over its vertical axis. more


Powerplant Medupi, Southafrika


At the north of South Africa, in Lephalale the Medupi coal fired power station is currently being built.

To achieve a total of over 4700MW, 6 new boilers are under progress of erection. 

Hebetec equipment is being used to lift the single boiler components for all boilers. The work is being expedited under high pressure, at times strand jacks are in use on 4 boiler construction sites simultaneously. more


Dismantling of 2 steam generators NPP Obrigheim, Germany


Within demolition of the Obrigheim Nuclear Power plant, which had begun end of 2017, Hebetec Engineering was commissioned with the removal of steam generators.

The steam generators were lifted in a vertical position. A rotation into horizontal position was required for the loading onto SPMTs. more


Lifting a. lowering of power plant elements in Prunéřov, Czech Republic


The biggest coal-fired power plant in the Czech Republic located at Prunéřov with three power plant units and an output power of 1500 MW has been fully overhauled.

The components to be replaced were first lowered, after which the newly fabricated elements assembled on site were lifted into place. more


Modul lift Sousse, Tunisia


In the middle of 2012, Hebetec was able to lift several heating surface banks (modules) in a combined gas and steam power station located near Sousse as part of works on the expansion of the Tunisian energy grid.

Hebetec used 24 type H-140 strand jacks and 6 type H-70 strand jacks. more


Lifting of a boiler support grid in Wilhelmshaven, Germany


Hebetec Engineering lifted the boiler support grid at the new construction of a coal fired power plant at Wilhelmshaven in Germany.

By using 16 type H-140 strand jacks the total lifting capacity of 2’240 tons was sufficient to lift the support grid in one work step into its final position at 120 m above ground. more