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Installation of an oil platform in Malaysia


The M.O.A.B. is a platform, which installs itself at the site of operation without additional auxiliary means like floating cranes. The platform is equipped with the required strandjacks on shore.

Following the load-out, the legs are inserted, which are respectively held by two HA-140 lowering strand jacks. At each of the platform corners, three H-300 strandjacks are assembled upside down. The anchorages are installed at the headpieces of the legs.

Following the transport of the platform to the site of operation, it is positioned exactly above the substructure at the seafloor. The legs are lowered with the HA-140s, until they float. By flooding they are inserted into the substructure. As soon as all four legs are in position, the platform is lifted. Following lifting, one strand connection after the other is respectively disassembled and replaced by the definitive suspension (Superbolt).

Overdicks and partners together with Hebetec developed a cost-effective alternative to conventional platform assembly and successfully utilized it in the China Sea. Job Report


Maximum Weight 3'600 t
Weight of the platform 2'200 t
Weight of the legs 100 t
Lifting distance of the   
platform 12 m
Lowering distance of the   
legs 20 m

Handling equipment

Stand jacks H-400 12 pcs
Stand jacks HA-140 8 pcs
Central computer control