hebetec engineering LTD

Underpass Sliding Konolfingen, Switzerland


The new railway underpass is a crucial part of the renovation of the Konolfingen railway station.

Hebetec Engineering was assigned to slide the two parts of the underpass, weighing 200t and 400t, into final position.

After equipment installation the sliding works were executed using about 30min. for each part. Sliding beams HEM 500 with sliding shoes and double acting jacks were applied for this task.

After the necessary closure the railway line was reopened in time and according to the targeted schedule. Jobreport


First bridge weight 400 to
Sliding time 30 min
Second bridge weight 200 to
Sliding time 30 min
Sliding distance 15 m

Handling equipment

Skidways HEM500, L= 6m 12 pcs
Skidshoes 12 pcs
Strand jacks H-40 2 pcs
Hydraulic jacks DP220-200 12 pcs
Hydraulic pumps PA4-8 2 pcs