hebetec engineering LTD

Railroad Bridge Herrenberg, Germany

Alternative launching technique

Site fabricated concrete launching tracks with laid-in sheet steel and structure integrated launching sheet steel as an alternative to common launching track / and jack application? Sure!

Hebetec Engineering Ltd. applied two strand jacks for the 20m launching of a 900t railroad bridge into final position.

Friction resistance was reduced by lubricant applied between the sheet steel plates sliding on top of each other.

After installing equipment, final position of the bridge was reached in just 2.5 hours. Job-Report


Bridge dimension 34.00 x 12.00 m
Weight 900 t
Launching material steel to steel
Launching distance 20 m
Duration of launching 2.5 hrs

Handling equipment

Strand jack H-140 2 pcs
Hydraulic power pack PA-4-8 1 pc
Total capacity 208 to