hebetec engineering LTD

New Office Building at Herzogenaurach, Germany


The office building accommodates with its 50’000m2 area modern workplaces for about 2000 employees.

Well about 2m above ground, the 12’500t weighing steel structure was set up on 233 Hebetec «MegaTube» columns, on an area measuring about two soccer fields.

The impression of a floating building evolves by hoisting the structure another 12m. For this lift Hebetec Engineering utilised 76 jacks with 600mm stroke and 4 strand jacks H-140 with a total 38‘560t lifting capacity.

Grouped at four jacks each totally 19 lifting towers were arranged carrying the building load. The minutely level lifting into installation position was achieved by a synchronised hydraulic system. Jobreport


Steel construction weight 12'500t
Steel construction length 138m
Steel construction width 113m
Lifting height 12m
Total lifting and bracing capacity 40'460t

Handling equipment

Double acting jack  76pcs
Strand jack H-140  4pcs
Strand jack H-40  52pcs
Hydraulic aggregates 18pcs
Hebetec "MegaTube" approx. 500t