hebetec engineering LTD

Lift assembly gate truss, Dresden, Germany


Hebetec has received the order for the lifting work of a gate truss in Dresden, Germany, in order to extend an existing aircraft hangar. The work was carried out without interrupting operations.

The middle part of the gate truss was lifted to the desired height of 19m , plus beam elevation and held in this position to lift and connect the missing side parts with the crane.

The old hall truss was lifted with each 3 lifting supports and hydraulic presses with 500 tons into the elevation position by 450mm. After completion, the complete gate truss (old and new part, total span 200m) was hydraulically lowered until the lifting points were free of load and the gate truss carried itself.

Job Report


Total load gate truss 1'746 t
Length gate truss 56 m
Width gate truss 5 m
Height gate truss 16 m
Lifting height 19 m
Execution 2018

Handling equipment

MT props, height 20m 4 pcs
Stroke carrier 2x2 pcs
Lifting jacks H-400 8 pcs
Lifting jacks H-40
(bracing MT props)
8 pcs
Hydraulic pump PA 4-16 2 pcs
Hydraulic pump PA 4-8 3 pcs
Lifting presses DP 500-600 3 pcs