hebetec engineering LTD

Lowering, sliding SBB bridge on the A2 in Bellinzona, Switzerland


The operation formed part of the AltTransit project to build a New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA). Significant modernisation work is underway to prepare for the high-speed line, with the aim of improving public transport and transferring as much goods traffic as possible from road to rail.

Hebetec was therefore called in to slide the Cavalcavia Bridge, which lies on the path of the future railway line. The structure, weighing 6,000 tonnes during the sliding phase, was moved on X-slide pads using Hebetec H-200 and H-400 jacks. It took four hours to cover the 14.5 metre distance.

The Gotthard axis of the NRLA is Switzerland's largest-ever construction project. By building the new Gotthard line, Switzerland is undertaking one of the largest environmental protection projects in Europe, as the flat route helps to protect the Alpine region. Job Report


Weight 6'000 t
Lowering distance 2 m
Moving distance 14.5 m

Handling equipment

DSP-310-200  30 pcs
Strand jack H-200  4 pcs
Strand jack H-400  4 pcs