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Rethe lifting bridge, Hamburg, Germany


After the construction of the currently largest double bascule bridge in Europe in 2016, the old lifting bridge had to make room.

Hebetec received the order to lower the counterweights of the Rethe lifting bridge from 60m so that they could be dismantled at ground level and recycled. The bridge itself had already been dismantled.

For the lowering, the ropes on which the counterweights were suspended, were connected to our steel strands and the strand lowering jacks were mounted upside down in trailer boxes. The trailer boxes were again anchored in the ground. In this way, the two weights could be lowered in a controlled manner.

For this job it was essential that the strand lowering jacks worked absolutely synchronously in order to lower the counterweight horizontally and thus prevent wedging in the guides of the lifting towers.

Job Report


Year of construction 1934
Span 77 m
Width 15 m
Height of lifting towers 62 m
Maximum clearance hight 53 m
Passage width 44 m
Weight counterweight each 300 t

Handling equipment

Lifting jacks HA-200 4 pcs
Hydraulic pump PA 4-8 2 pcs
Hydraulic pump KPA 1 pcs
Total steel strands 2'500 m