hebetec engineering LTD

Forth Replacement Crossing / Queensferry Crossing Bridge


Six traveller steel frames are being used to lift bridge decks from barges into position at the construction of the world wide longest three-tower cable-stayed bridge over the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

Hebetec provided independently working strand jack- and hydraulic systems and control units for the liftings and traveller moving.

Hebetec further supervised installation and executed the system operation.

The lifting system had to reach high lowering and lifting speeds to comply with the local conditions, as well as the control system needed to be executed with pressure- and distance variation monitoring. Job Report


Total bridge length 2'700 m
Bridge decks 109 pcs
Weight per deck to 784 t
Total segment length 1'692 m
Lowering speed 35 m/h
Lifting speed 20 m/h

Handling equipment

H-580 with CP 12 pcs
Double acting cylinders 72 pcs
Strand-recoiler 12 pcs
Independent control systems 6 pcs