hebetec engineering LTD



Our field of activities ranges from the preparation of solution concepts and the execution of lifting, lowering and sliding of heavy loads down to the renting out of hydraulic devices, which, are primarily developed by the company.




Dismantling of 2 steam generators NPP Obrigheim, Germany

Within demolition of the Obrigheim Nuclear Power plant, which had begun end of 2017, Hebetec Engineering was commissioned with the removal of steam generators.

The steam generators were lifted in a vertical position. A rotation into horizontal position was required for the loading onto SPMTs. more





The 90 year old Goethals Bridge in the state of New York, USA was successfully lowered in cooperation with Freyssinet. Laser monitoring was used to comply with the tight tolerances. more


Power plants


Ashalim Solar Power Station, Israel

Ashalim Solar Power Plant built by General Electrics in the Negev desert in Israel is, with the boiler installed at 250 meters height, the highest ever erected in the world.

Its 121 MW capacity, reached thanks 55'000 mirrors, makes it the largest in Israel and the 5th largest in the world. more





New Office Building at Herzogenaurach, Germany

The office building accommodates with its 50’000m2 area modern workplaces for about 2000 employees.

Well about 2m above ground, the 12’500t weighing steel structure was set up on 233 Hebetec «MegaTube» columns, on an area measuring about two soccer fields. more


Civil works


New coastal highway route, Reunion Island, France 

On La Réunion Island a new coastal road proceedes between Saint Denis and La Possesson for a distance of 12km. Part of this route required the construction of a 5’400m long concrete viaduct built on the ocean floor 10m below see level. 49 bridge decks of 80 to 120m length are supported by 48 towers. more

Moving of the platform NR2, Korea

In 2011 the offshore gas production within the largest gas filed in Australia’s North West was expanded.

For this purpose a platform, weighing 32'000 tons, was built in South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Industries company. more




Stadium Roof Lifting at Bilbao, Spain

For the 50‘000 spectators San Mamés Stadium at Bilbao, Spain, Hebetec was assigned to lift the rope support structure for the inner roof construction.

The ground floor assembled structural rope was lifted and tensioned with strand jacks arranged at two levels. more




Temporary support Atlantic Bridge, Panama Canal

Because of the fact that the new locks of the Panama Canal will support the actual ship size “New Panamax” with extremely length, width and height dimensions (366m x 49m x 57,9m), a new bridge must be built in order to meet these ship sizes and to meet the increasing of the transit and local traffic in Panama. more