hebetec engineering LTD



Our employees are the cornerstone of our success. They make every effort to provide our customers and partners with the best possible service in order to satisfy and even exceed their expectations.

The diversity of our employees represents a rich vein of expertise which we actively promote. The different skills and experiences added to our company by people of different cultural backgrounds, genders and ages are of great benefit to us. They help us to better understand our customers and

partners throughout the world and to develop close relationships at an international level. 

Our team of employees comprises specialists from a number of fields including mechanical and structural engineers, hydraulics experts, machinists and experienced site supervisors. This enables us to provide a competent service in a wide range of fields in the heavy lifting sector. 

The team works on innovative products and solutions around the world. The range of activities we undertake is extensive. Whether it is in the development of solutions, the implementation of these solutions by lifting, sliding or lowering heavy loads or the rental of hydraulic machinery, our employees set themselves challenging and demanding tasks in almost every domain.

The high level of motivation and creativity of our employees is above all reflected in the numerous special equipment solutions designed for our customers and partners. Our employees possess the necessary technical expertise and flexibility to develop tailor-made solutions in collaboration with our business partners. 

Together with Soletanche Freyssinet, we are endeavouring to expand our global presence and, more particularly, our service networks even further with a view to adapting them quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers. You too can take advantage of our experience and our skilled personnel in the field of heavy lifting.